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Devin Shirley began his Krav Maga training in 2001 in Dallas at one of the first group of Krav Maga schools in the United States. He was invited to attend instructor training at the Krav Maga Worldwide headquarters where he received his instructor certification and began a long career in Krav training and teaching. In 2004, he returned to his home state of Arkansas and founded Krav Maga and Fitness of Arkansas, which later became Krav Fit. Devin received his black belt in 2006 with Krav Maga Worldwide and his 2nd degree black belt in 2012 under Krav Maga Alliance. Devin also attended the Train the Trainer program with both organizations, where he learned to train Krav Maga instructors.

Devin graduated West Point in 1996 and served in the U.S. Army until 2001. During his time at West Point and in the Army he trained in various other fighting styles, such as boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, jujitsu, and hand to hand combat. It was also in the Army where Devin received his Master Fitness Trainer designation. He is the Chief Instructor of Krav Fit, where he consistently develops the Krav Fit program and staff, while continuing to enhance his own skills and knowledge.




Ann Marie Gibbs has competed at the national level as an NPC (national physique committee) figure and fitness athlete. In 2010 she opened a personal training business and began personal training. She is the official personal trainer for Miss Arkansas and has worked with the previous 8 Miss Arkansas’ to help prepare them for the Miss America Pageant. She continues personal training the current Miss Arkansas as well as other women of all ages. She started taking Krav Maga two years ago and immediately fell in love with this form of self defense! When the founder of Krav Fit, Devin Shirley closed his school on Main Street, Ann Marie brought Krav Fit to west Little Rock! Soon after beginning the adult classes she focused on growing the youth program and has more recently started a women’s only class. She is an instructor and continues to work closely with Devin to keep Krav Fit at its best!






Arny Ferrando is one of our senior instructors with 11 years under his belt. He holds a black belt in Krav Maga and has experience in several other combative arts. Arny is a graduate of West Point, a retired Army pilot, and his current day job involves skulking around UAMS as a physiologist and scientist.








Dave Jones is a native of Tennessee but has called Little Rock home since 1997. Dave joined Krav Fit as a student in 2007. He’s a blue belt and level 4 instructor. He’ll be testing for his brown belt in the fall of 2018. When Dave isn’t torturing students in new and fascinating ways to help them be better at the art of Krav Maga, you can find him at his day job as a critical care Registered Nurse at Arkansas Heart Hospital. In what little spare time Dave has, he uses it to keep his heart healthy with a variety of outdoor activities, including running. One of his proudest accomplishments? Participating in the Little Rock Marathon (full or half) every year since its inception in 2003.






Steve Hugo has been training in Krav Maga since 2006 and currently holds a Brown Belt at Krav Fit. He started instructing Krav Maga in 2017. Steve is a full-time history teacher in addition to his time at Krav Fit. Among his many notable accomplishments, Steve has at various points wrangled a mob of Emu, nursed a white tiger cub and wrestled an alligator (Greco-Roman rules). While he lived on the Gulf of Mexico, Steve enjoyed surfing and building ranch style homes in the sand. Perhaps most impressively, Steve has both had his cake and eaten it too (on many occasions). Identifying Steve in the wild is relatively simple, as his short stature, shiny coat and expressive eyes make him stand out. Steve tends to be good-natured and gets along well with children, dogs, cats, ferrets, and most Komodo dragons. When Steve reaches full maturity he will go into a cocoon and 4 weeks later emerge as a brand new fully grown Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.




Wil Phillips found Krav Maga in 2008 and has been studying it ever since. He believes it is the best real-life fighting system with a no-nonsense approach to self-defense. He’s had previous martial arts experience with Aikido. Wil often uses his 20 plus years of experience as a bouncer for real-life situations in class drills, reminding students to turn panic into aggression to fuel a quick response and the ability to survive a fight. When he’s not working, Wil can be found exploring the wilderness of Arkansas, practicing whip techniques in his replica Indiana Jones fedora or in his workshop crafting a custom Star Wars blaster.






Ricky Cooper has been involved in Krav Maga and Krav Fit for two and a half years. He, and his wife (Chelsea, also an instructor), wanted to learn basic self-defense techniques. They ended up coming away with an excellent fitness program, great friends, and the confidence to defend themselves when necessary. He is happy to be one of the newest Krav Fit Level 1 instructors.


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